5 Ways Dogs Make Our Lives Better

Did you know that 44% of all households in the US have a dog?

With the many benefits dogs bring to our lives, it’s not hard to wonder why. It’d be impossible to list them all, but here are just a few reasons why dogs make our lives better.

1. Dogs reduce stress and improve our self esteem.

I’m going to make a claim here and say that it’s pretty difficult to be in a bad mood when you’re petting a dog. People are very social creatures who crave touch and affection. Dogs love it, too! Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, spend some quality time with your dog. Not to mention, caring for dogs and watching them learn and grow is incredibly rewarding. You’d be amazed at everything¬†you can teach your dog, and it’ll make you feel much more confident in your ability to get things done.

2. Dogs promote an active lifestyle.

Dogs make our lives better by encouraging us to get outside. It’s pretty much impossible to keep sitting on the couch when you’ve got an energetic pup begging to go on a walk. Whether it’s taking them out to brunch or going for a hike, dogs motivate people to get outside and be active! Not a fan of strenuous hikes? No problem! There are so many fun things to do outside with your dog that you’ll definitely be able to find an activity you can both enjoy.

how dogs make our lives better

3. Dogs make it easier to meet people.

For better or for worse, lots of people love dogs. The first time I took Bailey out for a walk around town, it was nearly impossible to go anywhere because we were stopped by many people wanting to pet her. I don’t blame them; her cuteness is hard to resist. As someone who is typically very shy around new people, the attention Bailey attracts has been a big change for me.

While it was uncomfortable at first, I’ve realized that having a dog is an amazing conversation starter and has allowed me to make connections with wonderful people I wouldn’t have otherwise.

4. Dogs provide a sense of purpose and unconditional love.

Dogs take a lot of work – feeding, training, walking … the list goes on! They depend on us for everything and it’s our responsibility to give them an amazing life. In return, dogs provide us with unconditional love, free of judgment – even if you’re sitting on the couch binging Netflix and eating ice cream by the pint.

5. Dogs have an endless amount of lessons to teach us.

Dogs teach us to live in the moment and never stop wagging. My own pup has taught me the importance of patience and forgiveness (I have quite a few bites and bruises!) and our old dog, Casey, has taught me to be a softer and kinder person.

Dogs have plenty of things to teach you, but you have to make sure you’re listening.

how dogs make our lives better


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