7 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Every day is a day to celebrate your dog, but National Dog Day gives pet parents around the world a perfect excuse to spoil their pet even more than they usually do. Here are some things you can do for your dog and other dogs to make it an awesome day.

1. Volunteer or donate to your local shelter.

National Dog Day is an amazing day to help dogs who aren’t fortunate enough to have homes. You can donate time, money, or food and other treats you may have laying around.

3. Throw a party for your dog and their best friends.

Throw a dog party and invite all of your dog’s best friends! Bake a cake (or buy some fun doggie treats), have lots of toys ready, and hang out with your friends while your dogs have the best day ever.

4. Take your dog to the park or to dog beach.

When was the last time you took your dog to the park or beach? Whether you took her yesterday or never take her, today is an awesome day to let your dog play with new friends. It’s also adorable to watch!

5. Take your dog to have a spa day

Puppy pawdicure? Blueberry facial for your dog? Today is an awesome day to take your dog to the spa for some much-deserved pampering!

6. Make some yummy dog treats.

We have plenty of treat recipes on the blog so far – you can find two here and here! There are plenty of other recipes you can find on the internet, from dog cupcakes to pup-friendly waffles! National Dog Day is an awesome day to let your pup try a new food (or enjoy an old favorite).

7. Let your dog pick out a new toy or chew.

The other day, Bailey and I walked to a dog store to find her a toy to keep her busy during brunch. I wasn’t sure what she’d want, so I set a few different chews on the ground for her to try. She immediately picked up a naturally-shed antler and it was absolutely adorable; there was no way I couldn’t get it for her. Seriously, do yourself and your dog a favor and let him pick out a toy he wants!



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