How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re reading this post, you might be looking for quick changes to change your life now. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, the most sustainable way to see real change is to gradually introduce lifestyle changes, rather than quick fixes.

And don’t get me wrong – making healthy changes isn’t easy.

But guess what?

Just by reading this post you’re already taking a step in the right direction.

Here are my top tips for how you can start a healthy lifestyle today. Let’s dive in!

how to live a healthy lifestyle with your dog

Find ways to manage stress.

While we often can’t control what happens to us, we can control how we respond to it.

There are plenty of different ways to manage stress, and the most effective ways vary from person to person. The important thing is to find activities that are healthy and contribute positively to your overall wellbeing. For example, eating a tub of ice cream might make you less stressed in the moment, but you probably won’t feel very good afterwards.

Here are some stress management ideas to get you started:

  • Journal
  • Spend time with a pet
  • Go for a walk
  • Try a new DIY project
  • Read
  • Cook something new
  • Exercise
  • Listen to Music

how to drink more water

Drink more water.

You’ve probably heard this statistic over and over, but here it goes: your body is 60% water!

Water is essential for every single thing your body does, from digestion to regulating your body temperature.

Drinking more water will make you look better and feel better overall. It also makes you less likely to overeat and snack mindlessly. One of my biggest tips is to get a reusable water bottle and bring it everywhere with you so that you can drink water on the go and won’t contribute to the plastic bottle problem!

If you’re bored of the taste of water, infuse it with some fresh fruit! There are plenty of recipes online, but some popular additions include watermelon, mint, lemon, orange, cucumber, and more.

how to start a healthy active lifestyle

Look for physical activities you enjoy.

Physical activity is very important in order to start a healthy lifestyle. Set yourself up for success by finding an activity you enjoy! You’ll be more motivated to exercise consistently if it’s something you actually like to do.

Maybe you’ll love yoga, or hiking! Whatever it may be, keep trying until you can find an activity you enjoy. Once you’ve found the one, set a weekly schedule for exercise and stick to it.

Just be realistic! If you haven’t exercised regularly in a long time, it’s probably not fair to expect yourself to exercise 5 times a week. Pick a goal you think you can stick to, and increase it over time.

how to start a healthy lifestyle eating

Try intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is essentially an anti-diet. Choosing to follow intuitive eating has completely changed my relationship with food, and I think it’s one of the best things you can do to improve your life.

Intuitive eating isn’t like a traditional diet – it doesn’t say what you can or can’t eat, rather it says that you know best what foods are best for your body.

Essentially, eat when you feel hungry and don’t eat when you aren’t. Eat foods that make you feel good, but don’t restrict yourself from eating sweets when you want a bite.

In order for intuitive eating to work properly, it’s helpful to track what foods make you feel good and stay on a consistent eating schedule. Seriously, eat breakfast! It’s the best meal of the day. Intuitive eating doesn’t come easily for everyone. You’ll need to learn how to trust yourself and your own hunger cues, and make choices that are healthy for you.

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