Kong & Toppl: Our Favorite Interactive Dog Toys

Bailey and I love interactive dog toys, especially ones that involve food. I have so much fun thinking up different recipes for stuffing them (a household favorite is our own take on a birthday banana split), and Bailey loves being the recipe taste tester. Interactive dog toys keeps pups busy and out of trouble. In fact, a puppy kong was an absolute life saver when Bailey had surgery.

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So, why interactive dog toys?

While all dogs are good dogs, the best dogs are tired dogs. Bored pups are more likely to destroy your furniture or prized possessions simply out of frustration. It’s incredibly important to keep your dog mentally stimulated in addition to exercising her every day. Interactive dog toys are a great solution for keeping your dog active when you’re working or the weather outside doesn’t allow for a walk.

interactive dog toys

Today, I’m going to be showcasing my two favorite interactive dog toys: the Kong and West Paw’s Zogoflex Toppl.

The Kong

puppy kong

Offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs, the KONG Classic’s unique natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dog’s need to play.


Kongs are rubber, treat dispensing toys that are available in tons of different sizes and varieties. There’s everything from a puppy Kong (that’s the one you can see here!) to a super chewer Kong, and even a Kong for senior dogs. They’re shaped kind of like an ice cream cone, with a big hole on one end and a small hole on the other. The inside is hollow, which makes for a ton of fun possibilities!

You can add whatever you want to the inside of your Kong. Some pup parents fill Kongs with their dog’s food as a food bowl alternative, and others (like me!) fill it with their pup’s favorite treats. The fillings I use vary, but it often includes peanut butter, fresh fruit, and a crunchy dog cookie. You can even freeze the toy after filling it to make it more of a challenge.

I recommend Kongs to any dog owner because they are perfect for all dog sizes and life stages. They’re durable and 100% worth the money.

West Paw’s Zogoflex Toppl

west paw zogoflex

Durable and designed to be filled with a dog’s favorite kibble or treats, Toppl’s soft, rounded inner ‘teeth’ contain a contoured cavity to hold treats in place until your dog nudges them out. To change up the challenge, simply connect the small and large together to make make Toppl even tougher.


West Paw’s Toppl is shaped like a cup with rounded teeth and ridges on the inside. It also has a small hole on the side. The Toppl comes in three different colors, and two different sizes – small and large. There are tons of different ways to use the Toppl – you can stick your dog’s favorite treats between the teeth, stick a chew in the center, fill with food and freeze … the options are endless! You can even combine the large and small to make the toy more challenging – just fill with food or treats and it becomes a perfect treat-dispenser for quick eaters!

zogoflex toppl

While the small and large combination would be too large for Bailey, the Toppl is an awesome toy that keeps her busy for hours. A favorite recipe of ours has been filling it with plain, coconut milk-based yogurt, fresh blueberries, and then freezing it.

The Toppl is super sturdy and while my pup isn’t a huge chewer, it can obviously withstand lots of play! I also love that the Zogoflex material is made out of recyclable material that can be used to create other dog toys again and again. The only con of this toy I would say is the price, but it will obviously last a long time.

The verdict?

Both the Kong and Toppl are awesome interactive dog toys. The Toppl is great for dogs who haven’t used these types of toys before because of the larger opening, but it can easily be made more challenging by combining the smaller and larger sizes. We love the Kong because there are so many options for all shapes and sizes of pups!

Both are great choices, and we honestly couldn’t choose between either of them even if we had to!

interactive dog toys

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